What is gamification?

Gamification is the application of game mechanics in contexts beyond the world of games, powered by the latest data-driven techniques used in the games industry to optimise impact on engagement, loyalty and monetisation.

Game mechanics are devices & hooks that games use to engage & motivate players, such as scoring & reward systems, competitive and co-operative rule-sets, and progression & upgrade frameworks built around task objectives.


Why gamify?

Games are incredibly engaging, and applying many of the data-driven design techniques seen in modern computer games in a wider business context can have a transformative impact on engagement and behaviour, for example in customer loyalty programmes or employee rating systems.

Professional game designers make a living deploying proven mechanics to create super-engaging user experiences. Games don’t have users – games have FANS.
Each day, game designers innovate on these mechanics and AB test optimal solutions across hundreds of millions of players worldwide. These techniques are only beginning to be applied outside of the gaming world. This is a scientific process that can tranform your business!

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