LAB | Gamification

We are a virtual network of professional game designers and data analysts working at the cutting edge of the games industry inside some of most successful and innovative gaming companies in the world.
Our philosophy is based on understanding exacly how and why gamification and game-inspired innovations work, using our experience at the coal face of modern, big data driven design. We believe the most effective solutions are delivered by working with practising, genuinely world-class game designers – we are not just self-styled ‘gamification experts’.

Our network of consultants include BAFTA award winning game designers, experienced creative directors and product directors from leading games industry companies, as well as managment consulting and data analytics professionals, economists and psychologists.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your company grow using the power of gamification, email us on to find out more.

Our focus is gamification and game-inspired innovation.
We partner with LAB | Innovation to deliver a full spectrum innovation offer across industry sectors.